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 Reynolds Wrap

 Mike Reynolds
 Executive Director

As we approach the historic opening of the new Chabot Space & Science Center, I want to pause and reflect on the efforts to get us to this point. I am not just talking about the last ten or so years (or, in the case of Terry Galloway, 31 years!). I am talking about the grand history of Chabot itself.
It would be interesting to show James Gilson and Anthony Chabot the new Science Center. Besides the reaction to the technology of today, I wonder what their reaction would be to what they started 117 years ago … would it be amazement, a sense of accomplishment and pride, and/or knowledge that their efforts have indeed changed people’s lives?

As I walk through the new Science Center, I cannot help but think of all those who have made the new Chabot possible. It would take several editions of The Refractor to begin to cover the contributions that staff, Chabot Board, EAS members, and others have made over the many, many years. I have heard people refer to the new Chabot like childbirth. Carrying the child is both an exciting and anxious period. Labor can be a difficult time (according to my wife!). It is a special moment and miracle when child is born. And to watch that child grow up can be both frustrating and wonderful.

That’s how I look at new Chabot. It’s the third generation of a very special place. It will not come into this world without it faults, but we should all revel in the beauty and splendor and enjoy it as we watch it grow and mature.


Kingsley Wightman (Left) and Oakland City Councilman Dick Spees at the July 15 Dinner Meeting of the Eastbay Astronomical Society. Kingsley led Chabot Observatory from 1959 until 1991. Dick was the first Chairman of Chabot Observatory and Science Center.



I want to close by telling you how much I enjoyed last month’s EAS Annual Dinner at the new Science Center. Many of you went out of your way to be so complimentary about the new Chabot; my sincere appreciation to you for your comments. And to see and revel in the moment with Kingsley Wightman was indeed special.

So here we are, ready to officially open to the general public on August 19, 2000.

Happy Birthday, Chabot Space and Science Center!

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