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 Reynolds Wrap

 Mike Reynolds
 Executive Director


Chabot Space & Science Center Grand Opening
Saturday, August 19, 2000

Conrad Jung with Kingsley Wightman on the Kingsley Wightman Observatory Plaza

By the time you read this, the new Chabot Space & Science Center will be officially open to the public! As we move through the next few months, please be aware there will be a lot of “tweaking and tuning,” including programs, exhibits and the physical plant itself. We welcome your ideas and suggestions; please know that we cannot accomplish everything at once and some ideas simply might not be do-able. But we always want input…

For example a good suggestion I received from Lew Epstein is a lecture or series of lectures on how the planetarium works. I once heard that we should never share such insight; we should make it seem like “magic.” But I agree with Lew; people are interested in this topic and his idea is one that goes on the “to do” list.

I received a letter from someone that sums it all up: “Chabot has always been a magical place for me; I’m hopeful it will be the same for more generations of East Bay students. God speed your efforts!” When we dedicated the Chabot Challenger Learning Center, June Scobee Rodgers (widow of Astronaut Dick Scobee who was the commander on Challenger’s last mission, STS-51L), said “the mission continues.” June is absolutely right!

By the way, the letter quoted above was from a guy by the name of Tom Hanks—perhaps you’ve heard of him!

...Keep looking up!

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