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The next round of training for CSSC volunteers is scheduled for September 27 and October 4 6:30-9:30 each night or all day 9-5 Saturday, October 7. Please call Marcia Hale, Chabot Volunteer Coordinator, at (510) 336-7376, or contact MHale@ChabotSpace.org, to take your place with others interested in helping make our visitors' experience at Chabot an informative and pleasant one.

At this time, the need is great for more knowledgeable people to explain the historic telescopes to our visitors in the daytime, as well as at night. Most people will explore the Science Center during the day, and it's great to be able to show them what they can enjoy when they return for a night under the stars.

This volunteer class will specialize in positions for Observatory Deck Crew. These valued aides will help the public understand our telescopes by providing information during day-time visits and by assisting with viewing of night sky wonders. To qualify, you must be comfortable working outdoors, able to navigate well in low light conditions, and must have a keen sense of safety and customer service for the visiting public.

Other volunteer positions are available, including weekday Mission Specialists at the Challenger Learning Center®. Other tasks in the expanded youth volunteer program are suitable for teens in grades 8–12.

Whatever your skill and interest, there's a place for you on our Team! Call (510) 336-7376.

Roberts Rules
By Carter Roberts, President

The Rachel Team finished reassembling Rachel’s 84-year old observing platform in late August. Here team member Don Saito observes Rachel from the top landing.



With the Chabot Space & Science Center in full operation there is a significant need for additional volunteers. Terry Galloway has been almost single-handedly showing Rachel to the public during the daytime on Saturday (10-5) and Sunday (12-5) and answering a variety of telescope, astronomy, space and telescope-making questions. There is considerable interest in seeing Rachel (and soon Leah) and more volunteers are needed. There is also a continuing need for people to help with the Friday and Saturday night viewing sessions. Anyone who can please contact CSSC’s Volunteer Coordinator Marcia Hale at (510) 336-7376 and sign up for her volunteer training sessions. Note also that the Telescope Makers’ Workshop can not open at CSSC until enough of the instructors have completed the appropriate training sessions.

Boxing up of books in the Burns Library has begun since the OUSD plans to begin using some portions of Old Chabot for office space. It is unclear when various portions must be vacated (rumors this past week were anywhere from one day to two weeks) but we believe we will be able to have our October meeting there.

I learned a couple of weeks ago that both Scope City and Orion in San Francisco had the help wanted sign out for people knowledgeable about telescopes.

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