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Roberts Rules
By Carter Roberts, President


Telescope Makers Workshop
will reopen in its new location on Friday, November 3.
The lab is on the second floor of the Spees Building, across from the antique telescope display. Call Paul Zurakowski for further information at (925) 447-6837.
Come any Friday evening and build your own telescope!

Rachel's new home at Chabot Observatory is looking more comfortable as the woodwork nears completion.

The Board of Directors has determined that for December and the entire year 2001, monthly lecture meetings will be held on the first Saturday of the month. For November, the meeting will be on the second Saturday, November 11. The location within the Chabot Space & Science Center has yet to be determined, so please enter at the main door of the Richard L. Spees building. Board meetings will be on the second Thursday beginning November 9. The meetings will likely be in the Dellums building, entered through Kingsley Wightman Plaza.

You are encouraged to use AC Transit Route 53. This bus connects with the Fruitvale BART station at one-half hour intervals. This bus also serves Alameda. For schedules, go to www.transitinfo.org/Sched/AC/53/ or phone (510) 839-2882. The last Saturday westbound bus leaves Chabot at 10:00 and arrives at the BART station at 10:28; however, I am confident that no one who misses that bus will have to camp out and miss church on Sunday morning—we'll find a way to get you home!

Every year we elect Society Officers at the December meeting following nominations announced at the November meeting. Here is your chance to take a more active part in forming and implementing policy. Volunteer for any of the jobs that need doing, and that means everything from President, Board membership, Newsletter Editor, Web Site management, and anything else you might want to do. Please call me or Phil Crabbe to discuss your place in the future of EAS. There are short-term chores that need to be done, as well, so you don't have to commit more time than you wish to. Perhaps you would like to help show Rachel and Leah to the public. Interest in the telescopes is very high and we would like to have them open as often as possible—at least all day on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are looking for something to do with your days contact Conrad Jung, Alan Roche or Carter Roberts.

There are still a couple of openings at Scope City in San Francisco, if you're looking for a job, or know someone who is.

This photograph, taken under extremely windy conditions on the night of October 21-22, shows unacceptable light-pollution conditions. Notice the light fixture hanging from a wire. By the end of the night the same thing happened to the one at the far right. Unfortunately, the lights were placed where the doors can hit them and nothing was provided to hold the doors open.

I took this picture of Saturn on October 21 through Rachel. It was done by afocal projection with a digital camera. This is a composite of two images, one-quarter second each.

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