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[The Refractor welcomes items about EAS members in the news, their published articles and images, their conference presentations, or word of their completed astronomical projects.]

An unconventional method for stumbling upon close double stars is to observe occultations by the Moon. When they disappear behind the lunar limb, doubles don’t “wink out” abruptly; instead they fade with a two-step decrease in brightness. In the August issue of Occultation Newsletter, Henk Bulder’s article “New Double Stars” tallies a few dozen heretofore unknown doubles found in just this way. Listed among them are several discoveries, using the Chabot Observatory telescopes, credited to Mark Gingrich and former EAS member Jim Perillat.

Dan Falla also was mentioned in that same issue of Occultation Newsletter for his participation in the International Occultation Timing Association’s annual meeting in Colorado.

A photo of Rachel, taken by
Conrad Jung, includes Dave Barroso, Denni Medlock, Kevin Medlock, Rod Post, Carter Roberts, Don Saito, Rick Sarrica, Bob Schalck, Ken Swagerty, and Mark Vandewettering posed alongside. This image accompanies Denni’s description of the telescope’s restoration (“A Lady Restored”), which appears in the letters section of the November Sky and Telescope.

Mark Gingrich will give the lecture at the November 21 meeting of the Mount Diablo Astronomical Society. He will speak on the subject of “Sundials for the 21st Century.”

Mike Reynolds gave a presentation at the Antique Telescope Society get-together last month in Flagstaff, Arizona. His talk was about the “History of California Astronomy Exhibit at Chabot Observatory.” Carter Roberts also spoke on “Restoring Rachel, Part II.”

“Whole-Disk Photometry of Jupiter: 1991 and 1994” and “Galilean Satellite Eclipse Timings: The 1994/95 Apparition” are the titles of two articles by
John Westfall in the issue of ALPO’s journal, The Strolling Astronomer, in August.

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