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Time for a Change

This issue of the Refractor is my final one as Editor, and I want to use a little space to thank those who have made my seven years tolerable in this endeavor.

First, my thanks go to Don Saito, who will be taking quill in hand and producing the newsletter for, hopefully, another seven years or more. He will bring a youthful enthusiasm and a competent knowledge both of astronomy and of the mission of the Eastbay Astronomical Society. I trust he will receive your cooperation in assembling the news and features that you want to read in the Refractor. Please give him your full support.

Thanks also are due Program Director Dave Rodrigues for his liaison with the speakers; President Carter Roberts for always knowing what I needed to know, and for many illustrations; Conrad Jung has always responded with images of sky objects—he is a fine astrophotographer and willing helper; Mark Gingrich for Points of Light. I am grateful to all other contributors as well. But foremost, more than all the above, my thanks go to my wife, Mimi, who has been responsible for much of the proof-reading, folding and stapling, and for supplying me with cookies.

Ellis Myers

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