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Points of Light

The Refractor welcomes items about EAS members in the news, their published articles and images, their conference presentations, or word of their completed astronomical projects.

Mark Gingrich receives three column-inches of mention in the February, 2001 issue of Sky & Telescope about his GIE (Greatest Illuminated Extent) calculations for this year's observations of Venus. Mark presented his concept of GIE at the EAS Members' meeting in May of last year. Mark Gingrich was also noticed in the Astronomical Calendar 2001 by Guy Ottewell, where it is written that "Added this time at the suggestion of Mark Gingrich are the moments when Mercury and Venus show their greatest illuminated extent; this does not coincide with greatest elongation, and may be of more interest to telescopic observers."
Mark Gingrich helping out with public viewing at the 1999 Japanese Moon Festival at the Botanical Gardens by Lake Meritt in Oakland, CA

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