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From AANC President

Jane Houston-Jones

Date: April 7th, 2001
Place: Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland
Theme: N. California Astronomy Club Conference

    This year, we'll have informal talks and presentations by and about the various astronomy clubs in Northern California. We'll have a workshop for newsletter editors (and maybe about websites), and we'll take advantage of the awesome Ask Jeeves Planetarium to hold the first (annual?) Full Moon Indoors Messier Marathon. So it would be a good idea to bring your binoculars! We'll have a fantastic speaker or two, and we'll give out our annual awards. There will be volunteers at the Chabot telescopes: Rachel, Leah and the Transit Telescope to talk about the restoration efforts. And if that weren't enough, some attendees might even like to stay and look through the telescopes in the evening, or attend the EAS (Eastbay Astronomical Society) meeting held that night at Chabot. There'll be time to check out the wonders of Chabot, which is one reason we want the day to be informally scheduled. There will be more information on the AANC website


soon, with registration information and much more. Our small but enthusiastic event team is hard at work on this right now - as I type these words!

    Thanks to Chabot and Mike Reynolds for making this more than a possibility!! It's happening!

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