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Virtual EAS Community
on the Internet

Eastbay Astronomical Society's own listserv

Thanks to the efforts of Bruce Skelly, EAS has its own listserv* on the Internet. Here's the introductory information you need to find out what it is, and how to access it:

The EastbayAstro group at Yahoo! Groups, is a free, easy-to-use email group service. Please take a moment to review this message.

This group was created as a communications tool for members of the Eastbay Astronomical Society. To see the group, go to


To start sending messages to members of this group,
simply send email to


If you do not wish to belong to EastbayAstro, you may
unsubscribe by sending an email to


You may also visit the Yahoo! Groups web site to modify your subscriptions:


SPECIAL NOTE FROM Yahoo! Groups: Because Yahoo! Groups values your privacy, it is a violation of our service rules for moderators to add subscribers to a group against their wishes. If you feel this has happened, please notify us at abuse@yahoogroups.com

P.S. If you would like to learn more about the EastbayAstro group, please visit


Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to


*Listservs are very handy things indeed, when used properly. Computer users with Internet access and email sign up to the listserv(s) of their choice(s). It could be a listserv about stamp collecting, photography, astronomy, brain surgery, whatever. Then, when they (or anyone else signed up with that listserv) sends a message to it, everyone else signed up gets that message sent to them. You can learn a lot from group discussions on these listservs. It's a great way to send out a notice to an entire community quickly and cheaply. BUT, you also have to be careful; if politics or differing opinions get the blood boiling, then a "flame war" can break out, and what was once a lively debate can disintegrate into a virtual slug-fest! But, that's not too likely with a group of amateur astronomers (is it?) ?

  RTMC Astronomy Expo
Lecture and Workshop Schedules

Friday, May 25
5:00pm Dinner, 6:30 Open Evening Session: Announcements, Show-n-Tell, 8:00 Rick Scott: The Sky We Share, 8:30 Tom Polakis: What to Look at During RTMC, 9:00 Star Party

Saturday, May 26
9:00am Beginner's Corner opens, 9:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks: Steve Edberg, 9:30 John Dobson: Title to be announced, 10:20 George Greaney: Deepsky Astrophotography Under Nevada Skies, 11:15 Close Meeting Hall: Prepare for Lunch, 11:45 Lunch, 1:00pm Alan Adler & Bryan Greer: Achieving High Resolution in Reflectors with Thermal Management, 2:00 Dennis Mammana: Top Ten Myths about Night Sky Photography, 2:50 Gary Seronik, Sky & Telescope: Title to be announced, 3:40 Monsignor Ronald Royer: Title to be announced, 4:30 Close Meeting Hall: Prepare for dinner, 5:00 Dinner, 6:15 Door Prize Tickets Dispensed, 6:40 Awards: Bruce Blair, Clyde Tombaugh, Clifford W. Holmes, 7:00 Door Prize Drawings, 8:00 Roger Clark, Keynote Address: Visual Observing the "National Parks" of the Deep Sky, 9:15 Star Party

Sunday, May 27
9:00am Beginner's Corner opens, 9:00 Dale Mais: Amateur Astronomical Spectroscopy, 9:45 Peter Abrahams: H. Dennis Taylor and the Design & Testing of Astronomical Instruments, 10:20 Kenneth Lum: Bernhard Schmidt – A Life in Optics, 10:55 Roger Clark: The Most Important Optical System, Your Eyes: My Experiences with Retinal Detachment and LASIK Surgery, 11:30 Close Meeting Hall: Prepare for Lunch, 12:00pm Lunch, 1:00 Dennis Mammana: I'll Follow the Sun: A Human Journey, 1:50 John Hoot: Mars Orbiter, O3 Lander, & Amateur Observations, 2:40 Rick Scott: Lurie Houghton Telescope Project as a First ATM Project, 3:30 Allan Guthmiller: The 20-inch Cast Iron Wonder: A Gallery of the Heavens, 4:15 Close Meeting Hall: Prepare for Dinner, 6:00 Door Prize Tickets Dispensed, 6:20 Merit Awards, 7:30 Door Prize Drawings, 9:15 Star Party.

RTMC Astronomy Expo 2001 Workshops

Saturday: 10:00-10:55 Eyepieces and Accessories for Deep Sky Observing (Derek Wong), 11:00-12:00 Science With Your Telescope (Dave Kenyon), 1:00-1:55 Astronomy 101 for Astronomy Widows (Carmelita Miranda), 2:00-2:55 Beginning Telescope Selection (Dennis Bishop), 3:00-3:55 Astrophotography (Wil Milan), 4:00-5:00 Thermal Management in Reflectors (Alan Adler).

Sunday: 10:00-11:00 Telescope Making/Unobstructed Reflectors (Peter Hirtle), 1:00-1:55 Deep Sky Observing (Wayne Johnson), 2:00-2:55 Autoguiders/Basic CCD Imaging (Allan Guthmiller), 3:00-4:00 Solar and Planetary Observing (Jeff Medkeff)


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