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Editor's News 'n Views

Greetings everyone! You know, it occurs to me that, as hobbies go, astronomy is sure a busy hobby. It's almost annoying. It seems that every time I turn around, something else is happening, about to happen, or just very recently has happened. Take last month, for example. First, there was the aurora borealis, visible right here in Oakland, of all places. That was a very neat thing to see, and will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life. (Now I don't have to go to Alaska!) The day after that, the AANC Conference was held at Chabot, with almost two dozen clubs and associations attending. That was a lot of fun, hearing about how other groups do things. I sat down right next to John Dobson and didn't even know it! We all got a lot of good ideas about how to make an astronomy club a lot more fun and interesting to be a part of, so that was cool. (I got this burning desire to go out and get a green laser pointer!) Jane and Mojo did a great job of putting that together, and the Northern California astro community really owes them a huge debt of gratitude. Public astronomy is bigger and better than ever, thanks to their efforts. Then, right afterwards, that evening, was the EAS monthly meeting. It was Members' Night, so Mark Gingrich gave a fascinating talk about the amazing amount of information one can glean from a simple sundial, and Dave Rodrigues entertained the larger-than-usual crowd (due to visitors from other clubs hanging around after the AANC Conference) with a game, "Where Is This Place?" using some cool slides of low-orbit Earth shots. And then there's the ongoing project to restore the 114 year old Alvan Clark 8" refractor, Leah, which is so close to being done, it hurts. And finally(?), there's Astronomy Day! Saturday, April 28th. We're going to have public solar viewing both at Chabot and Jack London Square using H-alpha filters. Dave Rodrigues, Carter Roberts, and I will be down at Jack London Square, and Conrad and company will hold the fort topside at Chabot. So, have I got a point, here? Yes! Come on out! Join us and help us spread around some of all this fun. Lord knows, I'm having so much fun, it's wearing me out! Pretty soon, I'm going to need a vacation from fun. Until next month, just remember: turning out your lights is a win-cubed situation. You save money, help alleviate the power shortage, and the night gets that much darker. Such a deal! Oops, I lied; there is one last thing. Carter tells me that as of Monday, April 23, 2001, Betty Neall will have been in the EAS for 65 YEARS. Congratulations, Betty!!! Your achievement is the EAS' gain!

EAS Board Meeting Minutes 4/12/2001
by Secretary Linda Lazaretti

Members Present: C. Roberts, A. Fisher, L. Lazzeretti, T. Galloway, D. Saito, B. Neall, P. Crabbe, G. Roush, B. Skelly, F. Creese, A. Creese, E. Myers, M. Reynolds, D. Rodrigues, L. Lazzeretti. Meeting began at approx 7:50 PM:

Minutes from Feb. 8, 2001 and March 8, 2001 were reviewed and approved.

Action Items Only

1. JPA: Motion: Terry moved and Phil seconded a motion to approve a 2-year extension to the current JPA. It was passed.
2. MOU (Memorandum of Understanding): There will be a work group of Carter R. and Terry G. and one more member to work on the MOU between Chabot and EAS. ?
Mark your calendars
Tentative EAS meeting dates for the rest of the year are:

June 2, July 7, August 4, September 1, October 13,
November 3, December 22

Note that two have already migrated to a different Saturday since Chabot has a group using the entire building on those nights. There is always a possibility that some other months might change.


A Leah Project Pictorial

Some of the recent activities of the EAS Leah Restoration Team, headed up by both Carter Roberts and Ken Swagerty, with Debbie Dyke, Mike Hanlon, and Don Saito helping out.

Carter putting together the various parts that make up the telescope's drive mechanism.

Debbie works hard to clean and polish even the tiniest parts.

Mike and Ken polish a brass fitting attached to the cast iron declination axis.




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