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His name is Travis, but we all called him "Trouble." (Ken's grandson - a delightfully rambunctious little boy who "helped" us with the restoration work on numerous occasions.) We carefully loaded Leah's components into the back of Ken's truck for the move from his workshop to Chabot.



Note the great detailing work done on Leah's tube, reminiscent of classic hot rods from the 50's (snicker snicker). When we "unveiled" our little joke (they're just stick-ons), Dr. Reynolds experienced a momentary panic attack, but recovered right away upon immediate closer inspection. He was already suspicious when we all trained our cameras on him, for the unveiling.


Carter, Ken, Mike (behind Ken), Fred, and Don (behind Fred) carefully transport Leah through Wightman Plaza to her new home dome.





Fred, Carter and Ken make certain Leah's base and right ascension axis are aligned to true North and the precise latitude for her new location in the Oakland hills.


(Starting from left) Bob Schalk, Mike Hanley, Don Saito, Ken Swagerty, Debbie Dyke, Terry Galloway, and Carter Roberts pose in front of the just-installed 8" Alvan Clark equatorial refractor, Leah.



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