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Take Your Seat Among the Stars!
Bonnie McLeskey


The women in the photo are (Left) Lynda Williams, The Physics Chanteuse and (Right) Lois De Domenico, Board Member and Chairman of the Stellar Society Steering Committee at the Celebrating the Equinox Event on March 21, 2001.

Chabot Space & Science Center is offering you the exclusive opportunity to show your enthusiasm for astronomy and science education by sponsoring a seat in the Ask Jeeves Planetarium or the Tien MegaDome Theater! The sponsorship of a seat is a special way to pay a lasting tribute to someone in your life who loves the stars or to commemorate your own passion for astronomy. Many supporters have already honored a loved one, teacher or organization by purchasing a seat in their name. Each sponsored seat will be recognized with a personalized, inscribed plaque mounted on the armrest. Inscriptions have ranged from an individual's name to unique dedications, such as "Star Buddy", "A Skywatcher", and "A Future Space Explorer." Seats are available for a donation of $500 each and limited seats are available so show your support today by filling out the form below or calling (510) 336-7338 if you have any questions.

The planetarium and theater are exciting places to be! The Ask Jeeves Planetarium was the setting for the Stellar Society "Celebrating the Equinox" event. This lively evening was a recognition night for the Science Center's individual major donors. A performance took place by The Physics Chanteuse, also known as Lynda Williams, a physics professor at San Francisco State University. Her cabaret show about the universe, featuring the song and dance number, "Carbon is a Girl's Best Friend" was a success. The Stellar Society has several spectacular events a year. Please call Fara Gold at (510) 336-7314 for more information about joining this special group.

Your support of the Science Center will help us continue the wonderful programs and exhibits begun in our first year. We have opened new exhibits, including "Shadowdance", where you partner up to create different types of solar and lunar eclipses and "Hubble Space Telescope: New Views of the Universe", where visitors can learn about the telescope, its history and purpose. In the Tien MegaDome Theater we are showing To Be An Astronaut where viewers venture inside the gates of NASA to experience the rigors of astronaut training. The Director of Astronomy, Jose Olivarez and Astronomer Ryan Diduck have worked together to create popular planetarium programs, including The Sky Tonight, where visitors take a live tour of the sky visible above their heads on the night of their visit. Our public telescope viewing on Friday and Saturday nights have been a huge success, especially with the invaluable help the EAS volunteers. Please visit our website at www.chabotspace.org for more information about show times, exhibits and activities. The Science Center is looking forward to its second year and to welcoming the new and renewed participation and support of EAS members.
Yes, I want to support Chabot Space & Science Center and designate my gift as indicated below:

( ) I would like_____seat(s) in the Ask Jeeves Planetarium at $500 each.
( ) I would like_____seat(s) in the Tien MegaDome Theater at $500 each.

Enclosed with this form is my tax-deductible gift of $____________.

( ) Please make checks payable to: Chabot Space & Science Center
( ) Please charge my: ( ) VISA ( ) Mastercard






Phone __________________________________________

A personalized plaque will be permanently mounted on each sponsored seat. Please indicate the inscription(s) below. There is a limit of 27 characters (including punctuation and spaces) per line, with two lines available.

For additional inscriptions, please photocopy this form.and mail it to Chabot Space & Science Center, Attn: Development Office, 10000 Skyline Blvd., Oakland, CA 94619 Or, to email: bmcleskey@chabotspace.org


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