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Hi All,

This is an informational update on the planned work party on December 4th to continue preservation work on Pallid Manzanita sites near Chabot Space & Science Center. We have been making some positive strides towards initial comprehensive preservation plans. This is a joint effort between Chabot Space & Science Center and the Friends of Sausal Creek. We are also hoping that the City of Oakland will play a contributing role as well. All of your continued help with this project is also greatly appreciated.

There are two sites we will be working on -- one is the Chabot/City site, and the other is a site (FOSC site) in Joaquin Miller Park that has been adopted by the Friends of Sausal Creek. Volunteers are needed to help at both sites. Below is some background and a preliminary itinerary for the work party.

The Pallid Manzanita is a native local chaparral plant that is listed as endangered by the state of California and threatened by the United States government. There are multiple sites of this plant in the greater East Bay, including the two sites mentioned above. The City of Oakland and Chabot are charged with preserving a stand of these manzanitas that are located adjacent to the Chabot facility on City property that is part of the greater Chabot site. The Friends of Sausal Creek has adopted a second stand of manzanitas about a quarter of a mile southwest of Chabot on the other side of Skyline Boulevard.

Planning Meeting:
A work party planning meeting will be held day before in the afternoon before at Chabot on Friday, December 3, at 4:00 pm in the Biology Lab. All those interested in helping with this project are invited to attend. Please RSVP your attendance to me by Wednesday, December 1st.

Preliminary Work Party Itinerary:
** Please RSVP your attendance to me by Wednesday, December 1st **
Work party staging area -- Chabot's Environmental Lab
8:00 am: Coffee and bagels at Chabot
9:00 am - Noon: Work Party at FOSC site
Noon - 1:30 PM: Pizza lunch at Chabot
1:30 - 4:30 pm: Work Party at Chabot site
4:30 Clean-up

Volunteer efforts will contribute towards preservation of the endangered Pallid Manzanita. Volunteers are asked to work at one or both sites. Volunteers should wear protective clothing as there is poision oak on the sites. Bring gloves if you have them. Only very heavy rain will cancel this event. We will push forward in a light drizzle. During the next two weeks I will be out of town. I return on Saturday, November 27th. During my absence, questions about the Chabot site should be directed to Environmental Program Intern, Tricia Ruiz at 'triciaruiz@comcast.net'. Chabot Board Member, Carter Roberts and I will be coordinating the work party at the Chabot site. Questions about the FOSC site should be directed to the FOSC Field Coordinator, Kristen Hopper, at 'krhop@earthlink.net'. Thank you for your support and interest in this important project.

Eric R. Havel
Environmental Programs Instructor
Chabot Space & Science Center
Oakland, CA 94619

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